James Parker

James Parker has been hosting talk shows on radio and TV since 2002. You can hear him regularly on KPRC in Houston, WRNO in New Orleans, and nationally on the USA Radio Network, Westwood One, podcasts, livestreams, and all of the other bazillion projects you see on this page. James Parker's portfolio
Pugs and Parker first worked together at 105.3 in Dallas in 2002, and have recently rejoined forces for a nightly talk show usually driven by current events, but often employ Seinfeld-esque observational topics (aka: Slice of Life). Pugs and Parker
Florida Stories is my weekly podcast telling you the weirdest and wildest stories from the craziest peninsula ever. Florida Stories began as a featured segment on Walter Sterlings nationally syndicated show, and now has over 100 episodes available across all of the biggest podcast platforms. Florida Stories
Rebecca (then "John Osterlind") and I first worked together at WRNO, the iHeartRadio talk station in New Orleans, in 2009-2015. Since our show got iHearted, we continue to regularly collaborate on projects. James and Rebecca
The James Show Store is my answer to people who ask for merchandise. It's a good way for fans of the James Show and Florida Stories to identify each other in public, perhaps for mating purposes? James Show Store


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